Protocol for Pharmaceutical Representatives

At CNC, we appreciate every effort our pharmaceutical representatives make to partner with us in providing quality care to our patients and welcome the opportunity to be advised of your medical products, services, and information.

Our office utilizes a rotating meal system, Monday through Thursday, from either 8am – 9am or 12pm – 1pm.

The CNC Clinic break room will be utilized to meet with physicians to discuss products and protocols during these hours.


In order to enhance workflow, pharmaceutical representatives should note the following:

  • Physicians are available Monday through Thursday only.
  • If you would like to speak with the physicians or staff, please schedule a meal with the Front Desk by calling our main line at 601-981-1610.
  • Check in at front window BEFORE entering the clinic.
  • Once inside the clinic, go IMMEDIATELY to the break room if you are providing a meal.
  • Please notify the Practice Administrator if more than one vendor plans to attend.  You must obtain approval BEFORE arriving at our facility.
  • Sample drop off is allowed, but signatures for samples will be given on a first come, first serve basis during clinic. Please note that time constraints will not allow the physician to be detailed on your drug, as that can only be scheduled by appointment through the front desk.

We Respectfully Request

  • That pharmaceutical representatives not roam or stand in the hallways, or near dictation areas or exam areas.
  • That reps do not arrive prior to the allotted times and depart promptly at 9am (breakfast) or 1pm (lunch).

We genuinely appreciate everything that representatives do for our office. Please be reminded that our primary focus is patient care and safety. Representatives that are not mindful of our patients, staff or visitation policies will lose privileges from our office.

Representatives that bring value, professionalism and adhere to our work-flow rules are always welcome.

CNC would like to thank our pharmaceutical representatives for your excellent service and contribution to the success of our practice!